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How To Log In To Gmail Account is one of the high ranking email services that is fast, efficient and used by several people. Spam mail protection and good security against email hackers are some of the many features why several persons are signing up on Gmail everyday and that has also led to its ranking as number one free email website. Signing up on is quite easy and with a five step guide your account will be active.

1. Visit
2. On Gmail home page, click on “Create an account”.

gmail account creation page
3. On the new page, upload your credentials which includes, your proposed email address, password, password confirmation, phone number, date of birth, security question etc.

gmail account form
4. Fill in the security code and accept Google’s terms and conditions.
5. Verify your through account through the code sent to your phone.

How to log in to Gmail account after you have completed these above guide is quite an easy step. It entail you typing in your username and password which you chose at the point of setting up your account. In some cases, you may be required to submit the answer to security question you choose while setting up your account or to type in some letter in order to identify if you are a person. Peradventure you have already set up your, all you need do is to visit, and from the page you will see a sign in icon at the top right corner of your window. If you have clicked on sign in icon, you must have been redirected to a Gmail log in page.

If you personalized your Gmail account before now, the Gmail log in page will appear how you personalized it to be. If you have not, it will appear just like a general format. Below the icon, you will find the words email and password beside two upper and lower empty boxes respectively. Type in your email address on the upper empty box and your password in the lower one. Letters typed into the password box will appear in **** security format, which is to help secure your account from anyone around you. If you are done with typing in your credentials, hit on the enter icon to be taken to your email account.

If your logged in credentials are not correct, Gmail will definitely bring you back to the login in page with a message that will explain to you what the problem is. The most likely reason why you won’t be allowed an access to your account may include:

• Incorrect email address: This is often with it. But you have to first provide your correct email address, the answer to your security question and identify if the number which Google intend to send your password reset code is correct. If you receive your sms, then you just need to enter the code, a new password and a password confirmation to access your account once again.

• Logging in from a different location: If you have logged in to your Gmail account recently from a different country other than the you are currently logging in from, you may be asked to provide your security question and answer or may be asked to fill in the security checked to know if you are the one trying to use the account.

• If you account has been hacked: In a situation where you cannot access your Gmail account because someone else has reconfigured your account by changing your password, you will encounter hindrances while trying to log in. The best thing to do is to ask for a password reconfiguration number from Google so as to claim your account back, with the hope that much damage has not been done.
Nevertheless, Gmail login may not be very easy for new users who recently created an account or who has an account but is not very good with computer web services. Gmail is a productive tool for productive people who would love to assess their accounts at a any point in time. If you are new to Gmail or you are encountering difficulties while logging in to your Gmail account, then the tips in this article would be most helpful to you.

Gmail Login Tutorial

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